Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some fun, eh kid?

Drawing in lines only of "Some fun, eh kid?"

Lately, I had been watching a lot of Disney movies, from the popular ones to the very very rare ones.

One day at work, i was thinking in a scene from the Three Caballeros, which start with the song "You Belong to my Heart" where Donald start his acid trip
and the rest of the sequences are really abstracts and colorful.

This Drawing is based in a scene where two Panchito´s heads come out of some flowers and yell at Donald the line: "Some fun, eh Kid?".

i am planning to finish this piece, just because the Three Caballeros are cool.

Hopefully, i will upload the color version of t
his in my deviant soon enough.

Scene from Disney´s Three Caballeros

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