Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Super Fighting Robot with his Jet Dog.

I decided to make this piece a Pixel Art.

Original piece

Steps to transform it into a PixelArt
(Actual size of the image)

First of all, you have to reduce the size of your canves. Then, start working the border lines in this new resolution, and then add the colors and the details.

Sadly, I think the first sketch has too many details that weren't able to include in the final result.

PixelArt Zoomed in

The final result is an awesome Pixel Art of Megaman, and Rush:

(The image will take you to my deviant)

P.D: Thanks go to my very friend Zeo, for teaching me the PixelArt way.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

You, sir, are a Formidable Opponent

The best, and the brightest VS The best, and the ballsiest.

Stephen Colbert & Stephen Colbert

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Frazetta Tribute Colored

Dark Wolf

Rest assure, I am not Frank Frazetta. Not even close, but I decided to put some colors in my Frazetta Tribute, and uploaded in my DA. Please Enjoy!

Frazetta Tribute Colored
(The image will take you to my deviant)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frank Frazetta passed away

Yesterday, May 10th, probably one of the most influencial illustrator in the genre of the fantasy, and science fiction left the stage.

I remember his name was one of the earliest I learned when I first came to the Institute I studied Illustration. Teachers, friends, and students a like always talked to me about his work.

As a part of a community of illustrators that grew and learned from his work, this is my tribute to him:

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kid Little Animation

This was a test animation I did when I worked at Teravison Games. The character was design by my friend David Baf, and I did the animation.

David suggests me to get into the scene the character with flashy lights and colors, like he was teleporting (or moving really fast, with a lot of energy) to that place. One frame is actually two white circles that help the to give the idea that the character just made a quick flip before landing.

taking as a references Mega Man games, and the Thundercats. Love the result.

How he is getting his normal color scheme after the intro.


Love this frame. I think it is quite dynamic.

Overall, I like this piece as a whole. Enjoy!

Some funny comics for your viewing pleasure

I few weeks ago I went to the Comic con Boston 2010. It was nice. These are the pieces I found that day that caught my eyes:

The funniest Batman, and Superman comic I found

Like this one a lot

This is a Mickey Mouse Club Ad that is inside of the Looney Tunes Magazine :p

Harmless Toy Guns FTW!!! Choose yours.

Still 10¢

My favorite of ALL. Now Only 12¢.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Justice vs Revenge

"Chill of the Night" Lines

A few weeks ago Cartoon Network broadcast a episode of Batman Brave and the Bold called "Chill of the Night". In this episode Batman confronts the killer of his parents.

It was a pretty cool, kind of dark, episode. But the think that I really dig was the fact that three generations of Batmen where involved on the episode. The voice of Thomas Wayne was made by Adam West. Kevin Conroy (the animated Batman from the 90s) was the Phantom Stranger, and Diedrich Bader made the voice of Batman of this series.

Others voice talents included were Mark Hamill, Richard Moll, Peter Onarati (as Joe Chill...awesome acting) and Julie Newmar as Martha Wayne.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I think I can...I think I can...

Tillie, The little engine

While drawing this version of the Little Engine from 1991, I noticed how much resemble she has with Casper. The rounded big head, cheeks, and eyes, with the little nose that are characteristics of babies, applies for every cartoon character that has cute appeal for the little ones.

You can find the animated "The little engine that could" of 1991 on youtube. Unfortunately, there is not a DVD version for selling.