Monday, December 27, 2010

The gifts I recieved (plus lines drawings)

From: Guillermo Cartay
Lord deviant:

From: Paul
Paul deviant:

From: Zeo
Zeo deviant:

From: Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz blog:

From: Daniel Lezama
Daniel Lezama blog:

From: David Baf
Adam Strange
David Baf Deviant:

From: Gerardo Ruiz
Gerardo Ruiz Deviant:

As a bonus, these are some of the lines drawings of some the gifts I did for my friends:

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Under the Tree (Part 2)

The second and last bath of sketches for my friends:

To: Dani Alexander
Santa Maxx

To: Maru
Marvin the Martian

To: Andres Barrera
Eva-05 aka. Sexy Lips

To: Zeo

To: Jenny
Dodging Parrot

To: David Baf

To: Guillermo Cartay
Captain America

To: Gyula David
The G Stooges

Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Under the Tree (Part 1)

These are gifts for some of my friends. I spent the whole day of yesterdey doing this quick sketches. Enjoy:

To: Paul
Baloo (Tale Spin costume)

To: Daniel Lezama
Indiana Jones

To: Edu Calderon
Lara Croft (Christmas theme)

To: Raul Diaz
Dirty Pig in the mud

To: Sam
Lupin The Third

To: UnManu

To: Cass
Old Snake

To: Edu Caraballo

To: Luis Ricardo
Super Mario Bros

To: Gerardo Ruiz
Samus Aran (Christmas Theme)

To: Hernando Pizza

To: Kike

The second part will be uploaded on Christmas Day.

Gotta run! See ya!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Black Canary

A petition long overdue. To my Unknown Friend Argenis. A Black Canary Drawing.

Black Canary

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Octopus Paul the Psychic Animations

This is a video with some of the animations I did for this Iphone game a couple of months back.

This game was developed by Teravision Games.

This game is based in the octopus of World Cup fame, which I think had already passed to a better life. The whole game is based in giving him two choices (Goku or Superman?; Inception, or Paprika?), so he can choose between the two of them.

He also works as an 8-ball of Pool, giving you a "Yes", "No", or a "Maybe".

I made others animations that I didn't include in this video like when Paul is mad, or when Paul is holding a sign , or when Paul is laughing out loud,etc.

See? I know emoticon.

You can download this game for free for your IPhone, and IPod Touch at this link.