Sunday, February 7, 2010

Plastic Man TV Show Pilot

Why this piece of animation gold is not a TV series already?...I mean it!

I was checking John K. blog the other day and I saw this TV pilot for a Plastic Man animated series, and I instantly felt in love. I mean, it has everything:

- Wacky expressions

- Funny voice acting

- Frame by frame drawings

- Awesome music

- Full of comedy and action!...Good for Kids!

It reminded me the old CN show "What a cartoon" from where series like Powerpuff girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog and Johnny Bravo started off.

I dont want to get all critic and stuff because that is not the point of my blog, but I want to say that there is something special about this Plastic Man cartoon over today´s CGI or flash animations.

That thing is the way how the artist creates the character and his movement with his own line and drawing skills, making him more appealing to the eye than anything made today with the flash tool or with the huge big hollywood´s budget. Which is a shame actually.

I don`t is just FUN to watch!

We definitly need more of this:


Now, After this breaking message I will resume my drawings of cute Disney bunnies. :p


  1. Está genial el dibujo. Lo que más me gusta es la asimetría de sus miembros, lo hace muy cómico.

  2. ¿Verdad que habia una serie viejita de ese super heroe? jajaja creo q hasta tenia un hijo el hombre plastico XD