Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anime Boston 2010

So, last Friday I spent my day in an anime convention I didn't know until 7 am of that day when i received a call telling me to go. I wasn't sure of going at first, but sure was a very good decision going at the end.

As in any anime convention, you could find a place to watch anime, read manga, buy anime, and manga, and see a lot of people dress like their favorite cartoon characters from those animes and mangas, which was awesome by the way (took quite a lot of pictures of the cosplayers), but my favorite part has to be the artists alley.

The artist alley was a place where a bunch of artists were showing their work. Truly amazed, and happy to be there with them. Very talented and full of good karma.

I spent most of my day in that room, spending some quality time talking with them, and exchanging business cards.

I want to mention a few of the artists that impressed me that day, but I will do it in another post, I don't want to extent anymore tonight.

I will upload some cosplays tomorrow.


  1. Naruto looks cute! y que genial que te dio oportunidad de hablar con esas personas :D algo bueno puede salir de eso.

  2. que fino Guille, esta genial el retorno de tu blog luego de las merecidas vacasiones.

  3. guille!! que fino... tu ves naruto?