Sunday, June 27, 2010

Epic Mickey

I am a Disney fan. There is no point denying it. Epic Mickey is another game presented during the E3.

It is a platform gane for the Wii, where Mickey travel to a place called the "Wasteland" where forgotten characters, and rides from the 80 years of Disney history live.

I like the whole concept of making a Mickey Mouse game, with forgotten cartoon characters. I mean, the whole idea of reviving characters from the Silly Symphony cartoons, make it a "Must Buy" for me.


  1. Too bad they changed the old concept with the psychologically messed-up Mickey.

  2. hehehe well, he better make things right this time! awesome drawing by the way ^^

  3. Epic Mickey se ve épico, valga la rebuznancia. Me muero por comprarlo (oohh si, VOY A COMPRARLO, no piratearlo).

    Greetings guille-man !